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Wholesale Jade Gua Sha Comb

As one of the top manufacturing factories of jade comb and gua sha tools, We offer jade comb stones for sale at competitive prices. Our factory covers 1,000,000 square feet and houses modern manufacturing equipment, allowing us to produce half a million gua sha tools within a month. Other benefits you will get when you order from us include:

Jade comb stones are suitable for various uses, from hair care to body scraping. We offer jade comb stones in bulk to give you endless possibilities. We offer all kinds of jade comb stones. They are made from high-quality natural stone materials and they are resistant to warps and breaks.

Do you need anything more? You do not need to worry if your needs are not on the list. We can customize the jade comb stone to your preference. Get in touch with us, and our professional team will assist you with your needs. You can choose the needed shape, capacity, and design you think suits your needs.

jade comb

Rose Jade Comb A

jade comb

Rose Jade Comb B

jade comb

Rose Jade Comb C

jade comb

Xiuyan Jade Comb D

jade comb

Green Jade Comb E

green jade gua stone

Green Jade Comb F

White Jade Gua Sha

White Jade gua sha stone G

amethyst gua sha

Amethyst Gua Sha

Black Obsidian Gua Sha

Rose quartz gua sha stone I

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Your Trusted Jade Comb Comb Manufacturer

We are jade comb stone manufacturer, trusted by different businesses to always deliver on our productions. we work to provide quality jade comb tool to all our customers. our jade comb tool are designed by the best in the business to fulfill your wholesale needs and offer good service.

Jade Comb Stone Shape

Wholesale gua sha tools offers 20 different styles of Jade Comb tools such as heart-shaped,S-shaped,fish-shaped, V-shaped, etc . We also design custom sizes on request to accommodate the diverse packaging needs of our clients.

Jade Comb Logo Custom

Wholesale gua sha tools offers logo customizated Jade Comb stone tools, customized logo can improve customer brand awareness, generate secondary repurchase and publicity services, customized logo Minimum MOQ: 50pcs.

Jade Comb Stone Style Custom

Wholesale gua sha tools offers 20 different styles of Jade Comb stone tools. We also provide Jade Comb tools style customization service and turn your ideas into reality if you want more shapes, MOQ: 500pcs.

Supply Wholesale Jade Comb Tool For Hair Care

At wholesale gua sha tools , we custom gua sha stones are manufactured in a shape, size, color, material, and finish chosen by the client. However, due to the versatility of our designs, they are applicable for facial and body scraping.
green jade gua stone

Hair Care

Nature jade stone stays cool in feel even in hot conditions, which gives you a smooth and comfortable feeling. Ultra smooth surface will protect hair better.
jade comb

Body Gua Sha Massage

The jade comb stone not only are used for protecting hair, but also can be used on different parts of the body. You’ll get so many benefits, decreased toxins, and increased blood circulation.

Why Choose Our Jade Gua Sha Comb?

100% pure mineral stones

100% pure mineral stones without irritants.Wholesale gua sha tools offers jade comb stone is 100% sourced from natural ores, not lab-synthesized stones. Its own trace elements can more effectively enhance health care.

Different materials and shapes

Wholesale gua sha tools offers 20 different material of jade comb such as white jade,green jade,rose jade, bian stone, etc . We also design custom sizes on request to accommodate the diverse wholesale selling needs of our clients.

Beautiful packaging

We know that exquisite packaging is one of the essential ways to increase added value. If you need customized logo services, we can combine product packaging design and visual branding to create higher value for scraping tools with you.

Fast logistics

Modern and efficient production workshops, and a large inventory of hot-selling gua sha stones, allow us to deliver individually or wholesale quickly. Usually, small bulk of gua sha tools order can be shipped within 48 hours.

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