Cold, also known as flu, is a common infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract caused by various viruses and bacteria. Both men and women, old and young, are susceptible to infection.

It can occur in all seasons, especially in winter and spring when the climate changes suddenly. It is induced by cold, rain, less sleep, overwork, discomfort, and other health conditions that cannot resist the disease.

A cold is mainly manifested as nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, cough, headache, body aches, fatigue, aversion to cold, fever, etc.

If not treated in time, it may develop or be accompanied by other diseases, such as tracheitis, pneumonia, myocarditis, etc.

We should follow the doctor’s advice and take medicine in time. It is very important to improve our immunity If we want to cure it faster. Bian stone technique has unique advantages in dredging meridians, regulating qi and blood, and improving self-immunity.

bian stone gua sha

TCM Syndrome Classification of Cold

There are three common types of colds in the clinic.

1) Wind cold syndrome

Clinical manifestations: severe aversion to cold, mild fever, clear nasal, itchy throat, no sweat, thin white sputum, thin white tongue coating, and tight pulse.

Syndromic analysis: wind cold attacks the skin surface, and evil-qi invades the skin. Cold is yin-evil, and Weiyang is blocked, so the symptoms are an aversion to cold and mild fever.

The wind-cold is on the upper side, and the lung qi is stagnant, causing a runny nose, an itchy throat, and thin and white sputum. Wind-cold is on the surface, floating and tight pulse, cold and thin white fur.

2) Wind heat syndrome

Clinical manifestations:

  • Severe fever
  • Slight aversion to wind-cold
  • Yellow and muddy nasal discharge
  • Sore throat
  • Sweating
  • Yellow and thick expectoration
  • Thin and yellow tongue coating
  • Floating pulse

Syndromic analysis: wind strikes people, wind-heat is yang-evil, wind-heat strikes the surface, and fur is lax. Therefore, The fever is severe, and the wind-cold is slightly evil. Wind heat invades the lungs, so you suffer yellow turbid nasal discharge, sore throat, and yellow phlegm.

3) Heat dampness syndrome

Clinical manifestations: body heat, slight evil wind, less sweating, turbid nose or sticky mouth, heavy sensation of head, chest tightness, nausea, and pulse leakage.

Treatment principle: clear away heat and dampness, dredge exterior and interior.

How to Treat Cold with Bian Stone Therapy

Principle: dispel wind-evil, promote and lower lung qi

Acupoint selection

Fengfu is at the back neck, the midpoint of the connection between the two Fengchi acupoints, and at the cervicoparietal fossa. This point is usually taken in a prone, prone, or sitting posture.

Dazui acupoint is on the posterior midline, and the 7th cervical vertebra is in the depression under the spinous process.

Jianjing acupoint is on the shoulder, and the patient uses the sitting position when the Dazhui point (Dumai) is at the midpoint of the connection between the point and the acromion.

Quchi acupoint: adopts the posture of sitting upright and taking acupoints at the side wrist, bending the elbow, and taking acupoints at the end of the horizontal lines of the elbow, that is, at the depression of the inner edge of the outer upper bone of the skull.

Hegu acupoint is on the back of hand, between the first and second metacarpals, and at the midpoint of burned side of second metacarpal.

Zusanli is located at the four transverse fingers of the outer knee and about one transverse finger outside the cavity.

How to operate

Use the end of the Bian board to scrape Fengfu, Dazhui, Jianjing, Quchi, Hegu, Chize, Lieque, and Zusanli.

  • Rub the bladder meridian on the back of the patient with a gua sha stone, and rotate the back of the neck root and the part between the two scapulae to make it warm.
  • Scrape the occipital bone of the head to the transverse line under the scapula with a Bianstone board.
  • Pat the inside of the forearm with a Bian stone board.
  • Use Bian stone boards to scratch the inside of forearm again, from cubital fossa to wrist.
  • Use a heated Bianstone board to do the warming method with Dazhui acupoint as the center.

When scraping, the strength should be moderate. It should not be too light or too heavy. Too light has no effect. Too heavy is easy to hurt the skin. It is better to feel a slight pain in the scrapping area.

In addition, when relieving common colds and headaches, you can bend your index finger and middle finger and use the bent finger joints to scrape between the Yintang point and the eyebrows or scrape back and forth between the Baihui point and the Yintang point.

When the forehead is painful, you can scrape the temples on both sides of the face back and forth with the bent finger joints or press and pinch this part repeatedly with the thumb and index finger to relieve the pain on both sides of the head, and you can use the bent finger joints to scrape back on both ears later.

When you have a stuffy nose, you can use curved finger joints to scrape Yingxiang points on both sides of the nose wing, which facilitates the nose.

If your throat is swollen and painful, you can scrape one part at a time in the middle of the front of your neck. You can repeatedly scrape for 2-3 minutes. Generally, you can stop scraping when your skin looks red and slightly purple.

Why do you do this?

The Fengfu acupiont is the Dumai acupoint. It is an important point for treatment. The governor’s vessel is the sea of yang vessels, which dominates the surface. Therefore, Scraping Fengfu acupoint can dispel wind and dispel the surface. Dazhui is the Dumai point, so stimulating Dazhui has the effect of relieving exterior symptoms. Quchi is the Large Intestine Meridian, and Hegu is the original point of the Large Intestine Meridian. The large intestine and lung are both external and internal, and the Lieque is in the Lung Meridian. The combination of the above points can dispel wind and promote lung qi circulation.

Chize is the combination point of the lung meridian, and Zusanli is the combination point of the stomach meridian, which can regulate the spleen and stomach and enhance the immunity of the body.

In the middle of back and waist of the body is Du Vessel, and the bladder meridians are on both sides of the spinous process by 15 and 3 cun.

The point where the Qi of the internal organs is infused into the back is called the Shu point. These shu points are partly distributed on the bladder meridian.

The latest research results have proved that many immune cells are in the back of the body, which are usually in a dormant state. It can activate and strengthen the immune cells in the back by frequently wiping the back and waist with a Bian board.

It can also help the healthy and dispel evil, regulate the channels and qi of the viscera, and promote the movement of qi and blood, so as to regulate the diseases of the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, urinary and reproductive systems.

Scraping therapy for influenza With Bian stone Board

Influenza is caused by the influenza virus. Influenza symptoms affect the whole body, including fever, fear of cold, sweating, body aches, headache, bone pain, muscle pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, cough, nasal congestion, etc.

In severe cases, it can cause pneumonia and other complications, even fatal. Therefore, we should not ignore influenza. Gua Sha is a simple method to treat influenza without taking injections or medicine or going to the hospital. The treatment methods are as follows.

Step 1: Take the position. Sitting or prone position.

Step 2:

  • Use 20 grams of ginger and scallion white into the piece.
  • Wrap it with gauze.
  • Wipe the forehead and temples with hot wine.

Step 3: Scrape both sides of the back spine until the skin is flush.

Step 4: Push and scrape the cubital fossa and chest fossa. If nausea and other symptoms occur, the chest and abdomen should be scraped additionally.

After the operation, if you sweat slightly, it proves that the scraping effect is better. It can relieve and treat influenza if doing it 2-3 times a day.

Scrapping treats or relieving summer cold

As the old saying goes, “Wind is the beginning of all diseases.” When it is very hot in summer, people often cause sweat profusely by the high temperature. After sweating, they will take a shower or be accidentally blown by the cold wind, which can easily cause fever and cold. Scrapping, Tuina, and massage can dredge channels and regulate qi and blood; the symptoms can be quickly relieved if supplemented with Chinese medicines. Gua sha is used to treat the summer cold. The methods are as follows.

Step 1: sit or lie down. Take a half bowl of cold water as lubricant.

Step 2: bend the index finger and middle finger of the right hand and soak them with water. First, scrape them from top to bottom at the upper part of the patient’s nose, neck, chest, and both sides of the spine, then gently and severely until the skin has purple-red bleeding spots.

Step 3:

  • Pull the patient’s palm with the left hand.
  • Rub the right palm from the patient’s elbow joint down to the wrist joint several times.
  • Shake it several times.

Step 4:

  • Grasp the patient’s lower limb with the left hand.
  • Rub the right hand from the knee joint to the sole of the foot several times.
  • Shake the sole of the foot with both hands several times.
  • Pull the toe outward to hear the sound of the joint.

Step 5: according to the patient’s constitution, let him take the Huoxiang Zhengqi Liquid; the patient will feel comfortable and relaxed immediately.


We must remind you that you must take medicine under the guidance of a doctor when you have a cold. Especially for drivers, taking cold medicines will cause vision, hearing, attention loss, fatigue, oversleeping, or dizziness, affecting driving safety.

The prevention method of summer cold:

Don’t be cold, have a good rest, smoke less, drink more water, wash your hands frequently, and exercise regularly. Adhering to good living habits can effectively prevent summer cold.


You can also consider traditional Chinese scraping therapy if you want to take medicine for a cold and fever but feel bitter.

Above, we have discussed the method of using a Bian stone scraping board to treat colds so that we can more conveniently and timely cure colds and alleviate the pain of the disease.

Bian stone scraping board, also known as Bian board, can improve the microcirculation of the body directly or indirectly by contacting the body and playing a role in promoting blood circulation and treating colds.