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At Wholesale gua sha tools, a top black obsidian gua sha supplier in China that has been in the manufacturing business for more than ten years. With our extensive experience, we are capable of producing different gua sha tools of high quality. Among our most popular products is black obsidian gua sha stone which is ideal for various uses, including facial massage, promoting blood circulation and more.

We offer bulk black obsidian gua sha tools at the most competitive prices. They are available in different shapes and designs. They also come in various sizes ranging from 8cm to 12cm.

With our wide selection of black obsidian gua sha, we can guarantee that we can meet all your gua sha tools requirements. Please leave us a message today and let’s work together to bring your business to the next level.

Black Obsidian Gua Sha

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Black Obsidian Gua Sha

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Black Obsidian Gua Sha

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Black Obsidian Gua Sha

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Black Obsidian Gua Sha

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Black Obsidian Gua Sha

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Black Obsidian Gua Sha

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Black Obsidian Gua Sha

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Black Obsidian Gua Sha

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Black Obsidian Gua Sha

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Black Obsidian Gua Sha

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We are a professional obsidian gua sha tool manufacturer, trusted by different businesses to always deliver on our productions. we work to provide quality obsidian gua sha tool to all our customers. our obsidian gua sha tool are designed by the best in the business to fulfill your wholesale needs and offer good service.

Obsidian Gua Sha Stone Shape

Wholesale gua sha tools offers 20 different styles of Obsidian Gua Sha tools such as heart-shaped,S-shaped,fish-shaped, V-shaped, etc . We also design custom sizes on request to accommodate the diverse packaging needs of our clients.

Obsidian Gua Sha Logo Custom

Wholesale gua sha tools offers logo customizated Obsidian Gua Sha stone tools, customized logo can improve customer brand awareness, generate secondary repurchase and publicity services, customized logo Minimum MOQ: 50pcs.

Obsidian Gua Sha Stone Style Custom

Wholesale gua sha tools offers 20 different styles of Obsidian Gua Sha stone tools. We also provide Obsidian Gua Sha tools style customization service and turn your ideas into reality if you want more shapes, MOQ: 500pcs.

Supply Wholesale Black Obsidian Gua Sha Tool For Face Massage

At wholesale gua sha tools , we custom gua sha stones are manufactured in a shape, size, color, material, and finish chosen by the client. However, due to the versatility of our designs, they are applicable for facial and body scraping.
bian stone

Facial Gua Sha Massage

Beautiful shape, the edge is so smooth, friendly to your skin. They are made from high-quality stone, long-lasting, super easy to care and static-free—smooth edges to ensure that it doesn’t scratch and hurt your skin.Especially on neck and back massage, practical tools for beauty massage and SPA care.
bian stone

Body Gua Sha Massage

By stimulating the body’s related meridians, acupuncture points, Guasha can promote blood circulation, clear away the body’s extra heat and toxins,thus enhancing the body’s immune function.It can be used by yourself and as a healthy gift to friends or family.

Why Choose Our Black Obsidian Gua Sha Tools?

100% pure mineral stones

100% pure mineral stones without irritants.Wholesale gua sha tools offers obsidian gua sha stone is 100% sourced from natural ores, not lab-synthesized stones. Its own trace elements can more effectively enhance health care.

Different sizes and shapes

Wholesale gua sha tools offers 20 different styles of obsidian gua sha tools such as heart-shaped,S-shaped,fish-shaped, V-shaped, etc . We also design custom sizes on request to accommodate the diverse wholesale selling needs of our clients.

Beautiful packaging

We know that exquisite packaging is one of the essential ways to increase added value. If you need customized logo services, we can combine product packaging design and visual branding to create higher value for scraping tools with you.

Fast logistics

Modern and efficient production workshops, and a large inventory of hot-selling gua sha stones, allow us to deliver individually or wholesale quickly. Usually, small bulk of gua sha tools order can be shipped within 48 hours.

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Black obsidian is a natural glass formed by the rapid cooling of lava from volcanoes. Usually brown to black, but also gray, tan, and green-brown.

Black obsidian is mainly produced in the United States and Mexico. Black obsidian is amorphous, transparent to opaque. Spherical aggregates with a rough surface are common, and flattened and elongated bubble inclusions are typical in crystals. 

Sometimes these small inclusions cause the halo effect of cabochon gemstones. The main producing areas of Black obsidian are Mexico, New Zealand, Iceland, Greece and the United States.

The main characteristics of black obsidian and its difference from artificial glass

Black obsidian is a natural amorphous aggregate containing many dimensional crystals and a small amount of feldspar, quartz microcrystals, and phenocrysts. 

The chemical composition is mainly SiO2, accounting for about 60-75%, with HO<1%. Vitreous luster, conchoidal fracture. Colors are predominantly black, browns, grays, and a little red, greenish-brown and yellow. Stripes of different colors parallel to each other are often seen in the main black color, resulting from magma’s chemical and physical differentiation during the flow. The hardness is 5-6, slightly larger than ordinary glass. The density was 2.35 g/cm.

Obsidian and artificial glass is optically homogeneous bodies with similar optical and physical properties. The distinction between these two glasses is mainly based on their inclusions. There are often microcrystals of various natural minerals such as feldspar and quartz in obsidian, and sometimes phenocrysts are also visible. , These are the main types of Black obsidian that cannot be seen in the artificial glass. There are many types of obsidian, but the most common is black obsidian and rainbow-eyed black obsidian.

Less common are: silver sand obsidian, sand silver sand, sand obsidian is a rock with black sapphire, pink obsidian, snowflake obsidian similar to metal inclusions, flashing silver white glossy stone. It is called silver sand obsidian, also known as silver shining stone. 

Rainbow obsidian is called golden black obsidian, which has a thin and thin stripe with a golden luster. The obsidian made is shaped into a spherical shape, and when viewed in the direction of the vertical layers, the stripes of different colors become concentric circles of different sizes. 

One that can see “rainbow eyes” on one side is called “single-eye single rainbow,” and the one with “eyes” on both sides is called “double-eye double rainbow.” Maroon, gray, and yellow rainbows are common. Obsidian is an amorphous aggregate with no crystal form. Its quality depends entirely on the color blue is rare.

Snowflake obsidian is dazzling and beautiful on a black base and pattern. For the common rainbow-eyed obsidian, “there are many white plagioclase phenocrysts in the pair, like snowflakes floating in the night sky, so it is named “snowflake black-eyed double rainbow.”“single-eye single rainbow” is worth more than “single-eye single rainbow.”

Black background Vitiligo has high contrast, and those with rainbow eyes are more dazzling than those without. The higher the value, the more vivid the color of the rainbow eye, the better.

The characteristics of pink obsidian are red and black. For the rare silver sand black obsidian, golden sand obsidian, and sometimes red, black, and transparent stones, pink obsidian, and black snowflake obsidian, because it is not common. 

The transparent part is very similar to chalcedony, and the red part is higher than ordinary black obsidian. If the pattern and color are very similar to the color of orthoclase, the three-color combination is very similar to red carp, so it is called ice koi black color. The more beautiful, the price will be higher.

The benefits of black obsidian

Black obsidian has a strong function of warding off evil spirits and can effectively dissolve negative energy. Among the ancient Chinese Buddhist cultural relics, there are quite a few black obsidian sacred objects or Buddha statues related to townhouses or warding off evil spirits. Black obsidian is also the best gemstone for Buddhist disciples to practice. Obsidian is one of the crystal family’s most powerful crystals to exclude negative energy.

In Indian legend, the black flash stone is also known as “Apache’s Tears.” A team in the tribe was ambushed by the enemy and lost to the crowd. The whole army was wiped out. The people’s tears came out and fell to the ground, turning into small black stones, “The Apache Tears,” hence the name.

Since the pure energy of the black obsidian belongs to absorbing energy, it is generally recommended to wear the black obsidian on the right hand. Almost all crystals are worn on the left hand, except for obsidian, which is worn on the right hand because according to the ancient Chinese style -the law is generally based on the principle of left in and right out. Therefore, the left hand is for air intake, and the right hand is for exhaust. Wearing the black obsidian on the right hand helps to absorb the negative energy of oneself, including relatively unclean things or diseases. Qi, even relatively bad luck, can be used and effectively ward off evil spirits.

Because of its powerful and pure energy, the black obsidian can be placed in a place with heavy evil spirits or even made into a Buddha statue, which has a very good effect on warding off evil spirits and blocking evil spirits. The ground absorbs negative energy, but it will not clear it, so purifying the black obsidian within a certain period of time is necessary.