Since Bianstone was discovered and gradually recognized its therapeutic effect, this magical stone has been made into various styles that are convenient for people to use or added to modern high-tech items to make Bianstone more suitable for modern people. 

People gradually popularize many types of Bianstones.

Types of Bian Stone Tool

Bian stone board 

Bian stone board is a commonly used multifunctional Bianstone tool. There are various shapes, typically fish-shaped and kidney-shaped. 

There are large, medium and small sizes. Bian stone board is characterized by different thickness on both sides. It can be used for scraping and wiping, as well as for feeling, warming and cooling. The fish-shaped Bianstone board can also be used for the point and the drawing method.

bian stone

Bian stone inlay 

One side of the Bianstone inlay is curved, and the other side is a sharp blade. Length 20cm, width 5.5cm, thickness 1.0cm, weight 150g. Suitable for scraping, wiping, cutting, scribing, and stabbing.

Grind one end of the Bian stone rod into a cone shape to form a Bianstone cone. Bian stone cones are divided into two sizes.

Bian stone cones 

The large cones have a size of 2.8cm×12cm and a weight of 190g; the small cones have a size of 1.5cm×10cm and a weight of 40g. Bian stone cone shape is similar to Bianstone rod, and can be used as Bianstone rod. Bian stone cones are used in the acupoint pressing method,rolling and rubbing methods.

Bian stone block 

Bian stone block is a rectangle Bianstone block with relatively large mass, and there are three sizes of large, medium and small: 

the size of the large Bianstone block is 25cm×15cm×1.7cm, and the weight is 1800g; 

the size of the middle Bianstone block is 24cm× 12cm×1.7cm and weighs 1400g; 

the size of the small Bianstone block is 20cm×10cm×1.6cm and weighs 900g. 

It can be used for feeling, pressing, rubbing, calling, warming, and cooling, and can also be used under the pillow to treat headaches, insomnia, and high blood pressure. The most suitable for the treatment of lower back pain.

Bian stone button

Bian stone button is made of Sibin stone with a diameter of 2.2cm, a thickness of 0.2cm, and a weight of 8g. There are two small holes in the middle, which can be sewn on hats or underwear. 

It can also be worn with a rope and hung on the chest as a Bianstone pendant. It is the basic component of a variety of Bianstone health care clothing.

Bian stone rod

The Bianstone rod is a cylindrical Bianstone stone with a diameter of 2.8cm, a length of 12cm, and a weight of 220g. It is especially suitable for the rolling method of large area, and can also be used for the feeling method, the pressing method, the rubbing method, the warm method, the cooling method and the calling method.

Bian stone comb 

Bian stone comb is made of Sibin stone. According to the principle that the comb has multiple teeth to stimulate the scalp directly, the Sibin stone is made into a 16-tooth or 18-tooth Bianstone comb. By directly contacting the scalp, the yang meridians and acupoints on the head are stimulated and have a therapeutic effect.

Bian stone comb can improve the hypoxic of the brain, promote blood circulation, and treat various cerebrovascular diseases, such as high blood pressure and headache.

bian stone

Bian stone wheel

The Bianstone wheel is a round cake-shaped Bianstone tool with a diameter of 5cm, a thickness of 1cm, and a weight of 50g. There is a small hole in the middle of the wheel for easy clamping and can be used for rubbing and scraping.

Bian stone roll

Bian stone roll is a rolling tool made of Sibin stone. The rolling part is in the shape of a barrel, 6.5cm long and 1.8cm in maximum diameter. Small holes at both ends along the central axis can be inserted into a metal shaft and can be rotated freely when installed on a metal frame. 

The handle is also made of Sibin stone. The weight of the Bianstone roll is about 90g, mainly used for the rolling method.

bian stone gua sha

Bian stone ball

Bian stone ball is a spherical Bianstone tool made of Sibin stone with a diameter of 5.3cm and a weight of 210g. Bian stone ball is a health care tool that has been circulated in the folk after the loss of Bian stone technique, commonly known as fitness ball. 

Generally, It can play a group of two balls in the palm of your hand. In addition to being used for fitness.It can also use the Bianstone ball in the feeling method, pressing method, rolling method, rubbing method, calling method, twisting method, spinning method, vibration method, warming method, cooling method, etc. 

Bian stone Beans

Bian stone Beans are Bianstone granules made of Sibin stone. The diameter is about 1cm, and the sharp corners and edges are ground to avoid stabbing the flesh. The stuffed pillow can be placed on the ground for foot care by stepping or rolling, and it can be placed in a small cloth pocket that is placed on the affected area.

Bian stone ornament 

Bian stone ornament is a round cake-shaped ornament made of Sibin stone. There is a small hole on it, which can be worn through a rope, and the induction time is long and the effect is better. It can be used for bronchitis, heart disease and stomach discomfort. Can also be used for scraping and rubbing.

bian stone

Bian stone shovel

It is made of Sibin stone with a length of 15cm, a height of 1.5cm, a width of 1.2cm. The top is flat, the root is 3cm, and the tip is shovel-like. Can be used for shovel method and stroke method.

Bian stone ruler

It is made into a rectangular Bianstone block with a size of 20cm×3cm×1.5cm and a weight of about 250g. It can be used for sense method, pressure method, rubbing method, scraping method, calling method, warming method and cooling method, and can also be used for self-care.

Bian stone knife

Bian stone Knife is a combination of new Bianstone inlay and Bianstone cone, and a wooden handle is added. Total length 24cm.

It is an equilateral triangle with a thickness of about 1cm. At the other end, the two corners of the Bianstone board are removed and inserted into both ends of the wooden handle. The exposed Bianstone board is 8cm long and 4cm wide, the sharp edge is below, and the head is round. Can be used for bar, slap, scratch, rub, wipe, stab, scrape, flower and other methods. Children, the elderly and people with osteoporosis are prohibited from calling and remaining methods.

Magnetic Bian stone 

Magnetic Bianstone is a combination of Bian stone therapy and magnetic therapy. It can make the magnetic sheet into magnetic Bianstone block, magnetic Bianstone brick, magnetic Bianstone plate, magnetic Bianstone cone and so on by bonding the magnetic sheet to various Bianstone tools.

Electric heating Bian stone

The electric heating element is bonded on various Bianstone tools to make electric heating Bianstone, such as electric heating Bianstone block, electric heating Bianstone brick, electric heating Bianstone plate, electric heating Bianstone cone, etc. 

Turning on the power before use can warm the Bianstone block and keep the temperature for a long time. It is mainly used for arthralgia syndrome caused by the combination of wind, cold and dampness.

Bian stone brick 

The shape of Bianstone brick is a rectangular block with a long of 8.5cm, a wide of 5cm and a thick of 1.8cm, and a weight of 220g. 

It is used for the feeling method, pressing method, warming method, cooling method, rubbing method, calling method, scraping method and kneading method.

Oval Bian stone

Oval Bianstone, 12cm long, 7cm wide, 2cm thick, and weighs 250g. Mainly used for rubbing, warming, armouring, scraping, kneading and cooling.

Sabin stone jewelry 

Sabin stone Jewelry is made of Sibin stone includes necklaces, bracelets, etc. Wearing Sibin stone is not only beautiful, but also health and beauty.