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At Wholesale Gua Sha Tools, we manufacture and bulk supply high-quality bian stone gua sha tools in various sizes and shapes. They range in shape from rectangles to hearts. In addition, we also provide smooth bian stone comb, which can be used for scraping on head. Our company produces high-quality scraping tool packaging boxes, which can be given as gifts to loved ones with unique rose quartz scraping tools. Our bian stone gua sha tool is one of the excellent representatives of scraping tools on the market. Not only is it beautiful in appearance, but also because of the durability of the material, no harmless substances, and natural trace elements taht can protect the body. Therefore, our bian stone tool is very suitable for scraping the face or various parts of the body. With it, you will enjoy the convenience of scraping at home.

Do you wish to order in bulk? At Wholesale Gua Sha Tools, we do our best to accommodate your sourcing requirements. Please contact us today if you are looking for a scraping tool; we don’t have anything listed. We are more than willing to assist and cooperate with you.

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Wholesale Gua Sha Tools, Your Trusted Gua Sha Tools Manufacturer

We are the bian stone gua sha tool manufacturer, trusted by different businesses to always deliver on our productions. we work to provide quality bian stone gua sha tool to all our customers. our bian stone tool are designed by the best in the business to fulfill your wholesale needs and offer good service.

Bian Stone Shape

Wholesale gua sha tools offers 20 different styles of bian stone gua sha tools such as heart-shaped,S-shaped,fish-shaped, V-shaped, etc . We also design custom sizes on request to accommodate the diverse packaging needs of our clients.

Bian Stone Logo Custom

Wholesale gua sha tools offers logo customized bian stone gua sha stone tools, customized logo can improve customer brand awareness, generate secondary repurchase and publicity services, customized logo Minimum MOQ: 50pcs.

Bian Stone Style Custom

Wholesale gua sha tools offers 20 different styles of bian stone gua sha stone tools. We also provide bianstone gua sha tools style customization service and turn your ideas into reality if you want more shapes, MOQ: 500pcs.

Supply Wholesale Bian Stone Gua Sha Tool For Body Massage

At wholesale gua sha tools , we custom gua sha stones are manufactured in a shape, size, color, material, and finish chosen by the client. However, due to the versatility of our designs, they are applicable for facial and body scraping.
bian stone

Ergonomic Shape

The flat surface makes the bian stone close to your skin, deep relax your face, effective massage and warm your muscle, improving blood circulation.
bian stone

Body Gua Sha Massage

Bian stones can be used for Spa massage and therapy; also, you can use them at home. It is suitable for people who often use computers and mobile phones.

Why Choose Our Bian Stone Gua Sha Tools?

100% pure mineral stones

100% pure mineral stones without irritants.Wholesale gua sha tools offers rose bian stone is 100% sourced from natural ores, not lab-synthesized stones. Its own trace elements can more effectively enhance health care.

Different sizes and shapes

Wholesale gua sha tools offers 20 different styles of bian gua sha tools such as heart-shaped,S-shaped,fish-shaped, V-shaped, etc . We also design custom sizes on request to accommodate the diverse wholesale selling needs of our clients.

Beautiful packaging

We know that exquisite packaging is one of the essential ways to increase added value. If you need customized logo services, we can combine product packaging design and visual branding to create higher value for scraping tools with you.

Fast logistics

Modern and efficient production workshops, and a large inventory of hot-selling gua sha stones, allow us to deliver individually or wholesale quickly. Usually, small bulk of gua sha tools order can be shipped within 48 hours.

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Bian stone material composition

Scientists have made a more rational and credible analysis and inference on the formation of Sibin pumice stone. “Deep-sea sedimentation-land uplift-Yuanshi impact-plasma penetration,” the Sabin Fuxin (stone) genesis hypothesis. 

The deep-sea sedimentary limestone formed in the Paleozoic Cambrian to Ordovician 550 million years ago was lifted out of the sea with the orogeny to develop high mountains. 

At the end of the Baimo period, 65 million years ago, a star with a diameter of 10 km hit eastern China. The star’s explosion stripped the surface limestone and flew into the air.

In the high temperature, high pressure, and plasma environment generated by the explosion, the limestone and interstellar matter interacted with each other. Infiltrate, blend, and finally fall on the surface, forming pumice. 

Sabin pumice stone is the earliest named stone in Chian. The ‘Xin instrument’ (the ancient musical instruments, instruments, and artifacts for the royal family) was made of it called Sabin Xin. It was a tribute more than 4,000 years ago. 

The medical tool is Bian stone. The Sibin pumice with unique properties (microcrystalline metamorphic limestone) is a masterpiece of creation!

The main components of Sibin Bian stone

The main component of natural Bianstone is a mineral called “microcrystalline limestone,” of which the most are siliceous, calcium oxide, silicon oxide, sodium oxide, etc., and aluminum, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, etc. 

Elements, trace elements, and rare earth elements contain chromium, manganese, nickel, copper, billion and other more than 36 kinds of ingredients that are beneficial to the body, and the content of radioactive substances is extremely small. 

At the same time, some Bianstones contain metal substances such as copper and iron, which cause the Bianstones to show red, yellow, green and other colors other than gray and black. 

Qualified Bianstone is beneficial and harmless to the body and is the top grade for making TCM medical devices.

Ultrasonic properties of Sibin Bian stone

Ultrasound stimulation has deep penetration. Research has shown that ultrasound can dredge meridians and improve the body’s microcirculation. Bian stone can generate ultrasonic pulses beneficial to health every time it rubs against the human body. The average number of ultrasonic vibrations can reach 3708 times, and the frequency range is 20,000 to 4 million hertz, which is higher than the ultrasonic waves that other jade can emit. It is the first of all materials. . The right amount of benign ultrasound can have the following effects on the body.

1) The massage effect means ultrasonic waves can make cells move slightly, change the state of diseased cells, and achieve the purpose of curing diseases.

2) Heat effect: After the body absorbs the energy of ultrasonic waves, the skin’s blood circulation is accelerated, and a fever reaction can occur.

3) Biological effects: Ultrasound can affect some chemical or biological changes in the body, change the activity of enzymes, etc., thereby changing the metabolic environment and state in the body, and transforming the disease into a better direction.

4) A small dose of ultrasound on the nervous system can slow down the conduction velocity of the nerve and inhibit the nerve, so it has a noticeable analgesic effect.

5) Other effects Ultrasound 

It can increase gastrointestinal motility, dilate the coronary arteries of the heart and improve the blood supply of the myocardium; dilate the renal blood vessels and increase the renal blood flow. Therefore, The Sibin Bian stone makes it a perfect pure natural health massage stone.