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We are a top gua sha tool manufacturer, producing and supplying aventurine gua sha stones and rollers. We also offer acupuncture sticks. They are used in acupressure massaging.

Generally speaking, natural gua sha stones are the best choice for scraping tools because they are durable and affordable. In addition, compared with metal gua sha tools, gua sha stones contain trace elements that are beneficial to the body.

Our wholesale Gua Sha tools are available in different designs in S, Stick, V and Butterfly shapes. These reusable scraping stones are versatile as they can be used as gifts and as a facial massage tool. In addition, they are very suitable for relieving the fatigue of the body.

Suppose you are looking for wholesale aventurine gua sha tools. In that case, We are your reliable Gua Sha tool manufacturer that can provide you with a wide range of options to suit your personal or business needs. We offer different sizes and shapes of aventurine gua sha stones, such as buttons, mushroom vertebrae, finger massage rings, eye scraping sheets and U-shaped scraping boards. If you are looking for something not listed above, please contact us.

aventurine gua sha
Aventurine gua sha stone A
aventurine gua sha
Aventurine gua sha stone B
aventurine gua sha
Aventurine gua sha stone C
aventurine gua sha
Aventurine gua sha stone D
aventurine gua sha
Aventurine gua sha stone E
aventurine gua sha
Aventurine gua sha stone F
aventurine gua sha
Aventurine gua sha stone G
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Aventurine gua sha stone H
aventurine gua sha
Aventurine gua sha stone I

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Your Trusted Wholesale Aventurine Gua Sha Manufacturer

We are Aventurine Gua Sha tool manufacturer, trusted by different businesses to always deliver on our productions. we work to provide quality Aventurine Gua Sha tool to all our customers. our Aventurine Gua Sha tool are designed by the best in the business to fulfill your wholesale needs and offer good service.

Aventurine Gua Sha Stone Shape

Wholesale gua sha tools offers 20 different styles of Aventurine Gua Sha tools such as heart-shaped,S-shaped,fish-shaped, V-shaped, etc . We also design custom sizes on request to accommodate the diverse packaging needs of our clients.

Aventurine Gua Sha Logo Custom

Wholesale gua sha tools offers logo customizated Aventurine Gua Sha stone tools, customized logo can improve customer brand awareness, generate secondary repurchase and publicity services, customized logo Minimum MOQ: 50pcs.

Aventurine Gua Sha Stone Style Custom

Wholesale gua sha tools offers 20 different styles of Aventurine Gua Sha stone tools. We also provide Aventurine Gua Sha tools style customization service and turn your ideas into reality if you want more shapes, MOQ: 500pcs.

Supply Wholesale Aventurine Gua Sha Tool For Facial Massage

At wholesale gua sha tools , we custom gua sha stones are manufactured in a shape, size, color, material, and finish chosen by the client. However, due to the versatility of our designs, they are applicable for facial and body scraping.
aventurine gua sha stone

Aventurine Face Massage Jade Roller

Natural aventurine gua sha stone reduces wrinkles, stretches the skin, relieves facial tension, and enhances skin elasticity tightening and toning the skin.
aventurine gua sha stone

Body Gua Sha Massage

Scraping can reduce fever because the skin’s pores are blocked when there is a fever. After scraping, the pores are opened, and the wind and cold inside can be excreted.

Why Choose Our Aventurine Gua Sha Stone Tools?

100% pure mineral stones

100% pure mineral stones without irritants.Wholesale gua sha tools offers Aventurine Gua Sha stone is 100% sourced from natural ores, not lab-synthesized stones. Its own trace elements can more effectively enhance health care.

Different sizes and shapes

Wholesale gua sha tools offers 20 different styles of Aventurine Gua Sha tools such as heart-shaped,S-shaped,fish-shaped, V-shaped, etc . We also design custom sizes on request to accommodate the diverse wholesale selling needs of our clients.

Beautiful packaging

We know that exquisite packaging is one of the essential ways to increase added value. If you need customized logo services, we can combine product packaging design and visual branding to create higher value for scraping tools with you.

Fast logistics

Modern and efficient production workshops, and a large inventory of hot-selling gua sha stones, allow us to deliver individually or wholesale quickly. Usually, small bulk of gua sha tools order can be shipped within 48 hours.

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Aventurine jade, also known as ocean stone or aventurine stone, was first produced in India, so it is also known as “Indian jade.” It is a fine-grained quartzite with impurities inside. 

It will show different colors based on different elements, such as:

It is green If containing chromium mica ;

It is brown-red if containing Hematite;

It is blue If containing blue lignite ;

They often contain microcrystalline pyrite, and the minerals will flash after polishing, so it is also called “aventurine.” 

Aventurine jade is mostly opaque, with a small amount of translucent, with a hardness of about 7. 

Green aventurine was once called Indian jade, but because of its oily green background and bright dots on it, its density is lower than that of jade, so its price is much lower than that of high-quality jade. In fact, today’s “Aventurine jade” does not only refer to the green chrome mica-quartzite produced in India. 

Usually, quartzites with color minerals and unknown origin are called aventurine jade. 

According to different colors, they include:

  • green aventurine jade, 
  • blue aventurine jade,
  • red aventurine jade, 
  • purple aventurine jade. 

The narrow sense of “Aventurine jade” refers to the quartzite jade aventurine containing green chrome mica, which was first produced in India and later found in China.

Aventurine jade classified by quality

Aventurine jade is divided into three grades according to quality:

First-class green aventurine

Bright green or dark green, with strong grease luster, translucent. The texture is dense, delicate, tough, and smooth. No impurities, cracks, or any other defects. The block weighs more than 6 kg.

Second-grade green aventurine

Bright green, with strong grease luster, slightly transparent. The texture is dense, delicate, and tough. There are trace impurities or small speckles, but no cracks or other defects, and the weight of the block is more than 6 kg.

Grade 3 green aventurine

Green, with strong grease luster, slightly transparent. The texture is dense and tough. There are a small number of impurities, cracks, and other defects. The block weighs more than 2 kg.

Aventurine, also known as “Dongling Stone,” also known as “Indian Jade,” is an oil-green quartzite containing chromium mica, and its color is very beautiful. But nowadays, people push it widely, and all the quartzite or secondary quartz with bright color, dense and tough texture in the crust are collectively referred to as “Aventurine Stone.”

Characteristics of aventurine jade

Aventurine jade, known in geology as chromium-containing mica stone, has relatively coarse quartz grains with a particle size of 2 mm and a granular structure. , Hematite, etc. Jade has strong grease luster and vitreous luster, semi-to slightly transparent, refractive index 1.544-1.560, hardness 7 degrees 2.65-2.8 g/cubic centimeter, and uneven fracture.

Crispy. The texture of aventurine jade is dense, delicate, and tough, and the grains are closely combined, and there are no gaps in the appearance, so it is uniform. Tiny flaky mica crystals make the aventurine Venus sparkle.

The effect of aventurine jade


The color of aventurine jade, from light green to dark green, can effectively relieve anxiety. Green aventurine has a certain role in psychotherapy, can increase muscle flexibility, improve heart and lung problems, and is often used to treat the heart, relieve stress, and eye diseases.

Often wearing aventurine jade jewelry can supplement the scarce trace elements and minerals in the human body and enhance human immunity. If someone in your family is going to school, sending a piece of aventurine jade jewelry can also relieve his/her eye fatigue and prevent myopia.

It can protect the garden or house from the strains of the site and turn a situation against the owner, bringing success.

Aventurines can absorb electromagnetic fog, and wearing it can strengthen people’s ability to resist environmental pollution or be tied to a mobile phone to prevent radiation. Aventurines can bring wisdom, calm anger, promote emotional recovery and enable people to start a new life. It balances the yin and yang diodes and promotes the regeneration of damaged hearts.

Aventurine can improve understanding of the underlying causes of disease and relieve stuttering and severe neurosis. It can effectively reduce inflammation, relieve rashes and allergies, eliminate migraines, and relieve eye fatigue. It is good for the adrenal glands, lungs, genitals, heart, muscles, and genitourinary system. It can be used as a gemstone to relieve skin diseases.


Green aventurine has been used successfully in psychotherapy. It is effective for heart and lung problems and can increase muscle flexibility. It is most often used to treat the heart, relieve stress, and eye diseases. Green Aventurine reduces anxiety and soothes emotions and is best used for melting heart knots. It’s also a gem that is healthy and happy and keeps you in a good mood. Emerald green is spring.

The color of the sky is a kind of thriving, business-like, prosperous, prosperous, and beautiful energy, and it also represents a kind of wealth in a broad sense. The natural Dongling jade unicorn tag can attract good friends, noble people to help, good luck, and opportunities.